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The Legend of Zelda: Fountains of Mystery (CO)

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Moonlite Wander (Gen.)

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This Game’s Winner Is... (Gen.)

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Kingdom Hearts: Puzzle of Truth (CO)

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Kingdom Hearts: Puzzle of Truth :x: Chosen One (CO)

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[Insert Game Title Here]: Gotta Cheer 'em All! (CO)

Backstory: Charred Black (O)

Summary for The Legend of Zelda: Fountains of Mystery: Ok, this is my first cross-over. Not like I planned my first, but neah. Anyway, it's a story that takes place in the end of Pokémon Channel's "Pichu Bros. in Party Panic!," or at least starts out that way, and somewhere along the Zelda timeline. Anyway, when Giovanni starts to work together with Ganon, you can expect hell to be raised!!! Will Link be able to do it alone? NO!!! So, that's why Mewtwo assists him, and also deals a little payback for what Gio did back in Millenium Town. Sure to be good!! Animé style!!!

Summary for This Game’s Winner Is...: Hiroshi Mitsubishi is about to discover the hell of memories that arn't his, Giovonni chasing him, a search for an urban legend, power he has yet to control, and most of all...Finding a pair of pants that fits around his tail. Half man, half Mewtwo. This is dark...AND DONE ON MY STINKY iMAC so if I seem blunt or whatever...sorry. ENJOY!

Summary for Kingdom Hearts: Puzzle of Truth: Rated - PG-13 (Parents Strongly Cautioned) - Mewtwo should exist. He knows that. He knows he's where he belongs. He knows that, too. He has a purpose. That, he DOESN'T know, not even after a few years of searching while living within Sinnoh's Nightsky City. Pokémon Mewtwo who wanders by moonlight, Transformed human Maru who gets by by sunlight, Mewtwo's life has been always searching. And fighting thugs. And flying. And brooding. And, recently, developing a self-taught style of swordplay. But all of this is jarred severely when, one night, he's rendered lvl 5 and mysteriously permanently human. Then, a week or so after, he loses his world, as well as his long-time-unseen friend who saved his life. And to add insult to injury, he finds out that the only way to set things right is to partner up with two dorks. As he embarks on a quest to rescue his world, Mewtwo faces foes like no other, and discovers things few else could ever dream of finding. But the question arises: What is going to happen to him afterwards--if he even makes it? My fantasy of a KH game with 'Two as the main char. CO w/KH, Sonic, Metroid, even a lil' SSB!

Summary for Kingdom Hearts: Puzzle of Truth :x: Chosen One: Rated - PG (Parental Guidance Suggested) - Ash Ketcham is, as we all know, a wannabe Pokémon Master who has gained a valuable amount of experience. He's also contributed to saving the world on over 8 occasions! But, after entering Nightsky City one night in Sinnoh, his penchant for world-saving is put to the test when he finds himself pokémonless, friendless, homeless, and helpless on none other than Destiny Islands. As days go by, more things start happening: An unexpected friend returns from the grave, a new interest is sparked, new friends are made, and the latent power within himself, discovered during the Battle Frontier, becomes tapped. And as a new threat arises, Ash begins the biggest leg of his journey ever--one that places HIMSELF in the place of his pokémon on the field. Will he be able to handle commanding himself in battle? Will he find his friends and home? And will he even survive to see the next battle? Only time will tell...An unexpectedly-begun side-story to Kingdom Hearts: Puzzle of Truth, starring Ash, oddly, as he does things that wouldn't suit Maru. READ MEWTWO'S STORY FIRST, at least until the end of the Nightsky City chapters, to gain sufficient background, please!

Summary for [Insert Game Title Here]: Gotta Cheer 'em All!: Rated - PG-13 (Parents Strongly Cautioned) - (This is a crossover fanfic between Pokémon and Elite Beat Agents/Osu! Tatakae! Ouendan, rhythm games for the DS (that are horribly addicting and unhealthy for your bare touch screen). Mostly, it's an EBA/Ouendan fic set in the Pokémon world, and it doesn't even enter the world until a few chapters in, but I think by the end, it's enough Pokémon to merit it being up here.) Three young new members of the EBA become trapped in the world of the Pokémon anime after an unlikely mission and decide to travel with Ash and Co. Soon after, an Evening City Ouendan member and two Morning City members seeking membership in the other team, all young as well, become trapped after an equally unlikely mission during a "new" episode of Pokémon Sunday. The two groups, starting in separate regions, share the same goal: Find a way home and cheer on whoever in their path needs their help! As well as some previously-seen characters, the two groups each meet and help interesting characters, some of whom become involved in the story more than some thought they would. Some examples: A werewolf who has to save his two best friends from a slew of supernatural horrors--starting with himself; a talking zangoose-and-seviper couple; an American exchange student who must take to the skies to earn at least the friendship of a cute boy and foil a materialistic brat; a snorlax who needs to win a skateboarding competition to protect his den; a rookie cop whose girlfriend accidentially goes daikaiju on his city and must be stopped by him; a highly affectionate dratini...and a strange, burning evil. At once silly, serious, and (mostly) strange, this song-filled story starts small and builds up to an exciting finale that deals with the fates of two worlds. (Related distantly to Puzzle of Truth.)

Summary for Backstory: Charred Black: Rated - PG-13 (Parents Strongly Cautioned) - -WARNING: VERY STRANGE STUFF AHEAD. Nothing adult or anything, just...a bit on the odd side. Read the author's warning on the first chapter if you're unsure.- ~This story occurs between chapters 6 and 25 of my EBA/Ouendan and PKMN crossover fic, "[Insert Game Title Here]: Gotta Cheer 'em All!" and tells the backstory of a relatively minor character introduced in chapter 25. However, no reading of the crossover is required to understand this story.~ An overweight shiny charizard arrives at the Charicific Valley and proceeds to act as if he wants nothing more than to die--at least the fat part of him. His strange behavior attracts the attention of a number of charizard, particularly (Ash's) Charizard. The fight-loving jerk of a lizard will learn the shiny's strange story, and the emo-ish shiny will learn the meaning of the concept of self-acceptance. Relatively short backstory on my shiny charizard character full of fairly strange stuff and whose feel fluctuates between angst, affection, determination, confusion, and hope. I won't mind if you don't read it, but if you like it, I'll be happy.

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