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A True Christmas Present (AAMRN)

Parts:   1  -   2  -   3  -   4  -   5  -   6  -   7  -

Futures Past (AAMRN)

Parts:   1  -   2  -   3  -   4  -   5  -   6  -

Look At You Girl (AAMRN)


Star Chasers (AAMRN)

Parts:   Prologue  -   1  -   2  -   3  -   4  -   5  -

Summary for A True Christmas Present: Ash and Misty have been fighting, and it looks like this one may never end. But something arrives that sends them on another adventure. What will they find, most importantly, will they make up?

Summary for Futures Past: A few years later, something has happened to Ash. Can Misty repair the past so that she and Ash can save the future?

Summary for Look At You Girl: Rated - G (Good for All Ages) -

Summary for Star Chasers: Rated - PG (Parental Guidance suggested) - Ash, Misty and Brock are back in the Jhoto region after a vacation from the Jhoto Silver League. On thier journey through they get transported to another time and place. Can they be of any help in this new world, and most importantly will they be able to get home.

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