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The Flamestar Chronicles (OT)

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Summary for IMPULSE: Rated - PG (Parental Guidance suggested) - In the year 2512, life has evolved beyond its original meaning. Cybernetic technology is being mass-produced and integrated with everything from robots to human-beings, and, in those regions where they can be found, even Pokémon are starting to receive cybernetic implants. Over the entire world one single company has managed to achieve dominance in the ever advancing science of cybernetic technology, Cybernetic Pokémon and Human Enhancement Research Corporation, more commonly known as CYPHER Corp. A man called Shrike Flamestar found himself working for CYPHER after a mysterious injury badly damaged his entire body. Needing new cybernetic limbs, yet unable to afford them, Shrike was forced to sign a contract that obligated him to work at CYPHER for his entire life in exchange for new limbs. Along with his Pokémon, Shrike found himself living a bleak existence as he was cut off from the outside world inside the monstrous CYPHER headquarters; the only things interesting for him anymore being exploring the Cybernet, an electronic world that only people with a special cybernetic implant can access, and discovering vulnerabilities in the internet and computers that he writes programs to exploit. However, many years after he was sequestered in the CYPHER HQ for life, Shrike's entire life is about to be changed. Hearing of a confidential new cybernetic technology CYPHER will be testing on Pokémon, Shrike's Typhlosion, Havoc, is snuck in as a test subject. Little do Shrike and Havoc know that what they discover in regards to the new cybernetic technology will change their lives forever and put them in a race against time...

Summary for The Flamestar Chronicles: Rated - PG-13 (Parents Strongly Cautioned) - In all my dreams I never thought my life would turn out like this. I've always wanted to be a Pokémon trainer, to get a Pokémon of my own and travel the world, taking part in Pokémon battles, obtaining badges; it was the life I yearned for. Attending The Pokémon Academy, an optional school meant to better prepare upcoming trainers, only reinforced my desire to journey and tirelessly I was forced to wait out my years. And then they came; Zelos and Ramirez. They threatened the life of one of the school's Pokémon, and in doing so unleashed my anger. I saved the Pokémon, but developed a forbidden bond that sent me on a premature journey of my own and set me upon a path of trials whose end or purpose I could not see. These are my stories; the chronicles of my life as a trainer. My name is Shrike Flamestar, and these are The Flamestar Chronicles.

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