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The Simple Life Of Training Pokemon (OT)

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Summary for The Simple Life Of Training Pokemon: Rated - PG (Parental Guidance suggested) - Ever wonderd what to do, after you've defeated all the leagues? Won every contest? Done practically everything their is to do? Retire and kick back with your pokemon in a lap of luxury! Well.. thats at least what Lauren thought it would be like! Ex-pokemon trainer Lauren Lives with Fellow ex-trainer Fushi in what could be called "Nearly heaven" Just one problem.. Both of them Live with their hoard of pokemon, who are slightly less Enthusiastic.. Between A Prank Bent Umbreoness, A Sneasel that's afraid to let her bad side out, A Sweet shiney Mew, that explodes with anger at the mention of his sibling, A Slightly nervouse Vaporeon, A Head stong Brand New eeveelution, and A just down right INSANE Breloom, what could go wrong? Er.. Just a lot.. Things heat up even more, when old freind Fae turns up, with her own batch of Troublesom Poke' pals. Chariflame the quick to anger Charizard, with size problems, Rai, the partner in Crime to Kapari, and Lyra, angsty ninja Zangoose, with one BAD attitude... One thing can be said.. God help us all...

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