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The Bloatonian Dream (Gen.)

Pokemon the 7th Movie: Mean Mr. Mustard (Gen.)

The Box (Gen.)

Star Latias and the Nine Vertical Pies (Gen.)

Quite Possibly the World's Weirdest Vacation (O)

Summary The Bloatonian Dream: After Pikachu and his Pokemon friends have waited for Ash to come back after accidentally being taken with Celibi into the past for three-odd years, they all fly to Bloato and encounter many weird and wacky Pokemon.

Summary for Pokemon the 7th Movie: Mean Mr. Mustard: Ash and friends attempt to save the world from a crazy old fat man who tries to take over the world after merging his crime ring, Team Firecracker, with the infamous Team Rocket.

Summary for The Box: Oakley and Annie create their own digital totalitarian dictatorship in this spoof of Pokemon Heroes, Brave New World, and The Matrix, kidnapping Latios in the process. Latias must destroy the supercomputer governing this society so that she can liberate her brother and ultimately the entire Pokemon race.

Summary for Star Latias and the Nine Vertical Pies: The sibling dragons, Latias and Latios, return in this wacky reincarnation of the popular Star Fox video games, fighting the insane Kadabross in his plot to take over the universe under the guidance of General Pikachu.

Summary for Quite Possibly the World's Weirdest Vacation: After Totodile wins a Mystery Vacation for him and his Pokemon friends, they get more than they bargained for in this deliciously insane tale, crafted in the tradition of Dannichu.

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