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Quest for the Wine Gums (Gen.)

Fun In Cyberspace (Gen.)

Pokémon Survivor (Gen.)

The Madness of Vermillion City (Gen.)

Mission: Unlikely (Gen.)

Sarah's Birthday Insanity (Gen.)

Adventures of the Clinically Strange (O)

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Kerrigan's One True Love (RN)

Kerrigan's One True Love II (RN)

Flying (O)

Summary for Adventure of the Clinically Strange: Dannichu goes away to Pokémon School for a week with some friends, leaving her pokémon behind in the Lair of Insanity, more commonly known as their humble abode. Can anyone say disaster?

Summary for Flying: An insight to not only flying, but much more, from a free-spirited Flygon by the name of Terra. Very deep and (for me, anyways) philosophical. (NOTE: Read AOTCS first!)

Summary for Kerrigan's One True Love II: Kerrigan the Absol is once again confessing her undying love to the one she loves most...

Summary for Fun In Cyberspace: After a trip to Mirage Island becomes glitched, a group of unsuspecting Pokémon are left stranded out in cyberspace and at the mercy of the authoress' sadistic imagination.

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