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Test your gaming knowledge and Win a Nintendo 3DS XL

How many known Pokemon are there? What was Ash Ketchum first Pokemon? These are pretty easy questions for any Pokemon fan and if you've been playing video games for a few years, you've probably stored a lot more facts about them in your head, just like those?

On the 21st of July, you have an opportunity to make use of all that knowledge you have stored away.

3DS Buzz will be giving away a Nintendo 3DS XL in a live video games quiz. To take part, all you need to do is visit their Nintendo 3DS XL page and wait for the quiz to start (you can set a reminder to email you just before the competition starts from that page too).

The quiz questions will cover a range of today's most love games including, of course, Pokemon.

Good luck everyone!

That's all for now. Take care and enjoy your stay at The Pokemon Tower. Always under constant evolution. ^.^

      --- Jolt


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