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Rocket Province (TR)

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Summary for Rocket Province: Rated - PG-13 (Parents Strongly Cautioned) - It has been years since the stories of Ash and Pikachu have come to an end. The world is at war; a previous communist revolution in Hoenn and Johto sparked a regional conflict against neighbor and former ally, Kanto. Under the leadership of Lance, the once proud democracy is shattered by the overwhelming numbers of the combined Johtan-Hoenn military machine. A newly created nation, Rocket Province, under the leadership of commander-in-chief Giovanni, dares to challenge what appears to be an undefeatable foe. Watch how war brings out courage, fearlessness and bravery in one minute, and tragedy, cowardice and the greatest of all cruelties in the next. See the rules of the Pokemon world stretched to its limit, imaginations challenging rationality and ultimately, how heroes are formed. See humanity prevail.

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