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Colosseum Of Hearts (OT)

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Power Of Friendship (Gen.)

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Summary for Colosseum Of Hearts: Rated - PG-13 (Parents Strongly Cautioned) - -PG-13 for language-A hazel eyed girl with long dark brown hair is having the adventor of a life time!Along with her trusty Eevee she will set of on an adventor like no other!And just like the new land,hearts will colide in the Colosseum Of Hearts!

Summary for Power Of Friendship: Rated - G (Good for All Ages) - The Elec Tribe have had problems with the Ground Tribe for what seems like forever.Year after year the Ground Tribe attacked the Elec Tribe and they had to relocate and start over.Until now.The Elec Tribe has something up it\'s sleeve,but will they be able to concure the mighty Ground Tribe?

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