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Ash, Misty and Brock trudged through the sweltering heat of the day. Even in the shade of the dense trees of the forest, it was still boiling.

Pikachu had long since given up walking and was sitting on Ash’s shoulder enjoying the free ride.

Brock had even taken off his usual green vest and was just wearing his orange shirt.

Misty was dragging herself along behind the two of them complaining of the heat and how she wouldn’t be this hot if someone hadn’t have wrecked her bike.

Only a few weeks ago Misty’s youngest pokemon Togepi had finally evolved into a Togetic and misty bought it a pokeball for it. Where is was now, probably enjoying the temperature control that the pokeball provided..

Ash was walked along at the front of the trio like he didn’t even notice the heat, But he had emptied his own water bottle and had just started drinking Misty’s water supply.


“You know Ash, if you took of your jacket, hat and gloves, then you wouldn’t need to drink all my water!” said Misty angrily snatching away the bottle and finishing the water.

“But I’m not hot, I’m thirsty.” Whined Ash.

“Oh, Grow up!” said Misty stuffing the empty bottle into her bag.

Ash looked down at the ground then up at Brock. “Can I have some of your water?” asked Ash.

“Mines gone, you drank it yesterday.” Stated Brock .

Ash’s eyebrows slopped together with concern, “Can we find a river or something then!” asked Ash his worry evident in his voice.

Brock pulled out his map and studied it for a couple of seconds.

“There is a small lake just ahead.” Said Brock traceing the root on the map with his finger.

“Great.” Said Ash beginning to walk again.

But after only a couple of minutes Ash didn’t look so good anymore, his face went red from the heat very quickly and his walking pace soon slowed.

“You o.k, Ash?” asked Brock looking at him with concern.

“Thirsty…” muttered Ash.

 “We’re almost there.” Said Brock.

“Good” muttered Ash pulling of his cap, gloves and jacket to shove them into bag.

In a few more minutes the trio arrived at a sparkling clear blue lake.

The first thing Ash did was drop his back pack and dive into the water, fully dressed. He came up to the surface and sucked in a breath of air.

Misty, Brock and pikachu stared at him. “What?” asked Ash.

“You always go swimming in your clothes?” asked Misty pointing out that he dove in fully dressed.

“No,” said Ash “When you guy’s aren’t around I skinny dip.” He Added with a laugh as he pulled of his soaking wet t-shirt and threw it at Misty.

Misty scowled, dropping his t-shirt to the ground. “I’m going to change” She announced heading off into the bushes.

Brock took of his shoes and soaked his feet in the cool water.

Ash quickly tugged of his shoes and socks, and tossed them ashore next to his shirt.

Misty emerged from behind the bushes wearing a red bikini. She dove into the water and came up gasping for air. “it’s freezing in here!” exclaimed Misty trying to get used to the water temperature.

Ash smiled and watched her shivering.

“Race you to the other side, Mist!” he yelled swimming towards the other shore.

“Hey, that’s cheating.” yelled Misty taking off after him.

Misty caught up with Ash and soon over took him.

She ducted under water’s surface and swam as fast as she could towards the other bank knowing Ash wasn’t far behind her.

Suddenly a fast flash shot past Misty under the water, all she saw was a blur of colors, black, green, blue and gold.

Misty swam to the surface and gasped in some air. “What was that?” wondered Misty.

Misty looked at the shore that was still five or more meters away. Ash broke through the water at the shore.

Ash smiled at Misty “I won!” said Ash his smile growing wider.

Misty was speechless “How did you get over there so fast?” asked Misty.

“Like this.” Said Ash as he took in another gulp of air and dove under the water.

Misty felt something brush past her leg and turned to see Ash behind her.

“What the…?” said Misty.

Misty looked at Ash there was something that looked different about him, but she couldn’t put her finger of it.

Misty looked down at the water, but Ash quickly splashed water in her face and swam away before she had time to react.

Misty wasn’t certain but she almost could have sworn she saw a fin under the water round Ash. “I’m going mad.” decided Misty as she wiped the water out of her eyes.

Misty glanced round the lake and spotted Ash as he crawled out of the water and sat down beside Brock on a large rock.

Misty looked at Ash’s legs. His soaking wet jeans clung tightly to his legs.

Misty wiped her eyes again and swam towards shore following Ash.

“Lets camp here tonight.” Said Ash lying back in the sun.

“Sounds good to me.” Added Misty climbing out of the cold water in to the sun.

Ash put his arms behind his head and shut his eyes. “Can you wake me up later.” Asked Ash with a yawn.

“Yeah, sure.” Said Misty stretching out next to him and closing her eyes.


Ash woke sometime later to someone poking him in the ribs. “Ow,” said Ash sitting up.

Misty poked him on his bare chest. “You awake yet?” asked Misty cutely.

“No.” muttered Ash standing up.

“Dinners ready” said Misty.

Ash glanced around and realized that the sun was beginning to set.

“How long was I asleep?” asked Ash.

“um… round three hours.” Replied Misty. “Come on.”

Misty grabbed the sleepy pokemon trainers hand and pulled him towards where Brock was scooping some kind of stew into bowls.

“Here Ash.” Said Brock handing Ash a bowl.

Ash sat down on the log beside the small fire.

“Has anyone seen my shirt?” asked Ash looking round.

“over there.” Said Brock pointing to Ash’s bag and other stuff “I lay it out to dry earlier for you.” Added Brock.

Ash mumbled thanks as he retrieved his shirt and shoes and slipped them on.

Misty watched him as Ash sat back down and practically inhaled his food. Something about him just didn’t look right but she could tell what.

“What are you staring at?” asked Ash rudely, looking back at Misty.

Misty looked into his eyes and gasped “Ash, your eyes are blue!” said Misty shocked.

“So!” said Ash annoyed.

“There always amber.” Said Misty still staring at the two blue pools of color.

Ash closed his eyes and rubbed them with his hand “Is that better?” asked Ash opening his eyes.

Misty almost fainted now his eyes were there usual color again.

“But… how?… wah?…” babbled Misty.

Ash laughed. “I’m going to sleep.” Said Ash unrolling his sleeping bag.

Misty and Brock stared at Ash not quite sure what to say, even pikachu seemed a little freaked out.



Later that night Misty woke up to see Ash quietly slip away from the camp sight heading towards the lake.

As quietly as she could Misty slipped out of her sleeping bag and followed.

Ash sat down on a rock by the shore and looked out to the water. His eyes sparkled a brilliant blue, they almost seemed to glow in the pale moonlight.

Misty watched as Ash pulled off his shirt then his jeans. She looked away as he finish getting undressed. He dove into the lake with a soft splash.

Misty blushed “I thought he was joking when he said he went skinny dipping when we weren’t around.” She thought to herself.

Misty looked back as Ash’s head emerged from the water. He stared up at the moon for a few seconds. Then he quickly dove under water. Misty gasped as she saw a brilliant blue and gold tail shimmer out of sight behind him.

Misty eyes opened wide “did I just see what I thought I saw!?” she whispered quietly.

Misty quickly and quietly crawled down through some of the bushes towards the lake keeping herself well hidden from Ash’s view as she went.

Ash emerged from the water again and took a breath of air again.

Misty gasped at what she now saw. Ash’s usually raven black hair had turned a dark shade of blue.

Ash stared up at the moon again, swimming right beside the rock by the water that he fell asleep on earlier.

Misty crept forwards crawling along the ground so Ash didn’t spot her.

She got to the edge of the rock and looked at Ash.

From here Misty could clearly see through the murky water that where Ash’s legs were normally there was now was a long whispering tail like a mermaids.

“Ash?” said Misty softly.

Ash spun around to see Misty looking at him. His eyes open in surprise and he turned to swim away, but Misty grabbed his wrist.

Ash let out a high pitch shrieking whine like a dolphins as he tried to pull away.

Misty lost her grip on the rock and tumbled into the water. She fell deeper into the water and lost consciousness.


Misty’s eyes fluttered open to see the night sky above her. Her head ached and her chest burned.

“Are you o.k?” asked a soft voice from beside her.

Misty turned to see Ash beside her half in the water looking at her.

Misty sat up on the rock still slightly dazed. “I’m o.k.” she said gathering her thoughts.

Misty stared silently at Ash for a moment before breaking the deafening silence. “What are you?”

Ash looked at her with a hurt expression on his face.

“I’m your friend, and a pokemon master to be.” He replied

Misty looked at Ash’s tail in the water “But you’re you’re…”

“A freak” said Ash his eyes beginning to water, his tears making crystal tracks down his tanned cheeks before dripping into the water.

“I didn’t mean that.” Said Misty

Ash stared at her for another second then turned and dove under water swimming away from her.

“Wait, Ash” yelled Misty after him as she saw his outline disappear under water.


Ash swam down to the bottom of the lake. And sat on the bottom wrapping his tail under him.

“I kept it hidden for so long.” Thought Ash sadly. “And now she knows.”

After a few minutes Ash’s lungs began to burn, and he had to swim up for air. He wished he could breath underwater like mermaids in fairytails.

“Ash!” yelled Misty as she saw him finally emerge for his much needed air.

Ash looked at her and took another breath to swim under water. But stopped as Misty dove into the lake.

Misty gasped in air. “Arr… it’s freezing in here.” Said Misty her teeth chattering.

Ash swam over to her.

Misty grabbed onto him shivering. “you’re not going anywhere.” She said shaking from the icy water.

“Misty, it’s way too cold in here for you.” Said Ash putting his arm’s round her trying to warm her up.

Misty trembled and looked into Ash’s blue eyes.

“Then why aren’t you cold?” asked Misty still shivering.

“I don’t feel it.” Said Ash softly pulling her closer and heading for the shore.

“How long have you been like this?” asked Misty referring to Ash’s tail.

“I’ll tell you later.” Said Ash helping her out of the water. “Um…can you please turn around?” asked Ash blushing.


“Well, if I’m going to get out of the water I kind of need to get changed into my clothes.” Said Ash blushing harder.

“Oh!” realized Misty turning round while Ash pulled himself out of the water and slipped into his jeans and t-shirt.

“Are you o.k.?” asked Ash putting a hand on Misty’s shoulder and looking into Misty’s face.

“I’m just a little shocked.” Said Misty wrapping her arms around herself shivering.

Ash looked at her worriedly. “Here,” said Ash slipping his jacket over her shoulders. “your lips are turning blue, we should get back to the fire.”

Misty shivered and looked at Ash. “Well… we must match now because your hair’s blue.” Said Misty with a weak smile.

Ash shook his head from side to side letting the water flick off and his hair fade back to its usual raven black color. “There, now lets go.” said Ash putting his arm around Misty and leading her back to the fire.


Misty sat down on the log by the fire and Ash threw another log on the dieing fire causing it to roar back to life.

Brock rolled over in his sleep muttering nurse Joy’s name.

“Are you going to tell Brock?” asked Misty.

Ash sat down next to her. “Should I?” asked Ash.

“Well, I think it’s better than him finding out like I did.” Said Misty.

Ash stood up suddenly. “You tell him!” he said, just a little to loudly because it caused Brock to stir and wake up.

“Tell me what?” asked Brock sleepily sitting up and rubbing his eyes.

“I’m not going to tell him that.” Replied Misty. “It’s your secret you should tell him.”

Said Misty standing up to argue with Ash.

“I can’t tell him! You’re the one who found out, and you’re the one who wants him to know!” Said Ash beginning to yell just like all his fights with Misty.

“It’s still your secret, not mine! You should tell him.” She yelled back.

“Well, I’m not going to!” said Ash crossing his arms in front of him firmly.

“Tell me what?!” Yelled Brock finally.

Misty turned to Brock her eyes still flaring from the yelling match.

“Tell you, Ash is a mermaid!” yelled Misty  “oop’s” she squeaked before clapping her hand over her mouth as soon as she said it.

“How can you blurt something like that out loud!” yelled Ash angrily.

“Well, sor-ry! You wanted me to tell him!” Yelled Misty getting mad again.

Brock stood between the two of them holding them apart to stop them from fighting.

“o.k. tell me exactly what is going on.” Demanded Brock playing the mediator between the two once again.

“I’ll show you.” Said Ash more calmly.

He turned and walked towards the lake with Brock, Misty and pikachu who had woken up during all the yelling, following behind.

The sun had just begun to rise and the sky was a lovely shade of pink and orange.

Ash walked to the shore and looked at Brock and Misty. “turn around.” Said Ash.

Brock, Misty and pikachu faced the other way as Ash got undressed and dove into the lake.

Ash splashed them all with cold water from the lake causing them all to screech in shock.

Brock spun around to face Ash and practically screamed as Ash waved his tail at him and splashed his with water again.

Pikachu wasn’t as surprised, he had seen Ash change before when Ash had thought he was alone.

Brock stared at Ash. Ash looked at his face and frowned. “See this is why I didn’t want to tell you guys.” Said Ash as Brock continued to stare open mouthed.

“Brock snap out of it!” yelled Ash.

Brock shook his head, snapping out of his trance.

“How,? Why,? When,?” babbled Brock still in shock.

“Why don’t you go make breakfast and let in sink in for awhile.” Said Misty pushing Brock in the direction of the camp site.

“Pikachu, can you keep an eye on him?” asked Ash from the water.

“pi” said Pikachu running off after Brock.


Misty sat down on the rock by the water again and pulled off her shoes watching Ash.

“Will you answer some of my questions now?” asked Misty.

Ash shrugged “I guess so.”

“Well how long have you been like this?”

“All my life, I found out when my mum took me to the beach near Pallet town. It was a bit of a shock” Replied Ash.

“Does anyone else know about this?” asked Misty.

Ash blushed “err… do I have to answer that?” asked Ash.

Misty slipped her feet into the water and nodded her head.

“well the only other person that knows is … Gary Oak.” Said Ash.

“Gary!?!” cried Misty. “why on earth did you tell him?”

“I didn’t! he spied on me like you did.” Replied Ash.

“Is your mum like this?” asked Misty.

Ash shook his head. “I don’t think so, but as far as I know my dad might be.”

Misty looked at Ash’s tail. “what’s it feel like?” asked Misty.

Ash shrugged, “like my normal legs I guess.”

“I’ll let you touch my tail if the waters not to cold for you.” Offered Ash.

Misty took a breath and slipped into the water fully dressed and swam over to Ash.

Ash lifted the tip of his tail out of the water and misty touched the end of it. “it feels like a tentacruel.” Said Misty.

Ash frowned “are you saying I’m like a tentacruel?” asked Ash a little hurt.

“Cheer up Ash, I like tentacruel remember.” Said Misty swimming back to the rock.

Ash swam after her. “I don’t like tentacruel, I got stung by one of them once.” Said Ash softly.

Misty winced “You kidding right, if you got stung by a tentacruel you probably wouldn’t have lived.” Stated Misty as she pulled herself out of the water onto the rock.

“I don’t feel anything while I’m in the water, remember.” Said Ash.

Misty looked at Ash then reached into the water and grabbed Ash’s arms pulling him out of the water onto the rock.

Ash sat on the edge of the rock with Misty beside him, he draped his tail in the water. And looked at Misty.

Ash blushed “Maybe I should put some clothes on.” Said Ash embarrassed.

“I don’t care.” Said Misty leaning over and kissing Ash on the lips.

Ash was totally caught of guard but he quickly fell into Misty’s deep kiss.

Misty broke off the kiss and smiled at Ash. “That wasn’t bad for my first kiss from a mermaid or should I say merman.” Said Misty softly.

“I think I’m in love.” Muttered Ash goofily.

“Who’s the lucky girl then?” asked Misty jokingly.

“Think we should break this new bit of news to Brock?” asked Ash looking into Misty’s eyes.

“Maybe when he gets over the last shock.” Whispered Misty kissing Ash again, as the sun rose over the lake casting it’s light upon a new day.



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