Tiger of the Wind
Tiger of the Wind

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Tiger Of The Wind (Gen.)

Adventure on the Island (Gen.)

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The Aftermath of Mewthree (Gen.)

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The Fire League (Gen.)

Parts:   2  -   3  -

Summary of "Mewthree": Step into the mind of Mew as she and Mewtwo must face there new brother, Mewthree. But not without help. After getting Ash and his friends to help by restoring there memory, Mewtwo then get's one of all 149 Poke'mon to help fight. Mewthree is a lot more powerful than they know. Will they beat him or will Mewthree destroys them? Find out all through the eyes of Mew.

Summary of "Trust Me": Ash's newest Poke'mon, Tiger, has a little problem with being Ash's Poke'mon. So Ash seeks help from Gary's sister, Rachel. But in order to earn Tiger's friendship and trust, it might put Ash himself on the verge of danger.

Summary of "The Battle for the Ember Badge": Ash has started a new league. The Fire League. He has found the first gym which is ran by Sky, Misty's old rival. Her attitude seems hard. But can Ash beat her when she has four brand new never before seen Poke'mon and she is undefeated?

Summary of "A New Evil": Part 1:Ash, Misty, Brock and Pikachu are having a normal day like always, until some strange things begin to happen. A runt Growlithe is stolen from a litter, Gary attacks Ash and his friends, an Arcanine appears that looks like the baby Growlithe, and the weirdest of all, all the attacks are connected to one Poke'mon with eyes the color of blood... Part 2: After finding out what Ash has become, he is in shock. With that, Ghost appears again and does the same to his friends. They now must go on a journey to defeat Ghost and this so called Mewthree. But the world is full of even more danger to them as Poke'mon. And that proves true just as night is in..Part 3: Ash, Tiger, Misty, Brock and Pikachu go on and start their adventure. The first thing they meet is trouble. A pack of Scales, lead by Tiger's brother Gray Wolf, serve Ghost and attack. They're strong and Ash learns to work with his Wolflithe mind rather than against it. And then, a strange new Poke'mon comes. Is she on there side? Part 4: After a cross over with Gray Wolf, he plans to attack them again using his Raptorex troops. Ash and his friends find out that you can't judge a book by its cover as Gato and a young Raptorex named Neon might join them on there quest. Will they? Part 5: Ash, Misty, Brock, Neon, Gato, Pikachu and Tiger continue on there quest peacefully. Then they meet a young and beautiful female Wolflithe named Blizzard. She was also turned into a Poke'mon by Ghost and wants to help them beat Ghost. Ash agrees but Misty isn't so sure of Blizzard. Blizzard then asked to lead them on a short cut, threw the deepest part of the woods. Could this be a trick or is blizzard really on there side?

Summary of "Tiger Of the Wind": Sky is a young girl who lives with her mom, dad, grandma, brother and sister. With her is her Poke'mon Gato. One day, her best friend Holly are in town when they meet Ash and his two friends. They are looking for Tiger Of The Wind. Sky is shocked and agrees to help them. Not, Ash, Misty, Tracy, Sky, Holly, Gato, Pikachu and all their Poke'mon must face Tiger Of The Wind, who plans to not let them live.

Summary of "Gato's Secret Power": Gato is a smart mouth kitten that is Misty's newest Poke'mon. But what about her attacks and powers? When Team Rocket shows up, they aren't kidding around. They have a strong new Poke'mon and their own Poke'mon are super powered. All seems useless until Gato shows them all her secret power...

Summary of "A Whole Bunch of Battles": The next gym challenge for Ash is at the Stoneberge Gym for the Stoneberge Badge. Hope is the gym leader there and she is very hard to beat. To make matters worse, Ash's Jolteon he caught belongs to Gary and he wants it back. A battle breaks out for the Jolteon, who is scared to death of Gary. May, Gary's new traveling partner challenges Misty. This is a battle day!

Summary of "The Mysterious Island": Ash and friends get caught in the middle of a storm. They find a cave for shelter and the next thing they know, there swimming and flying over the ocean to an island on the backs of Poke'mon! But these aren't just Poke'mon, these are freaks of nature.

Summary of "The Ultimate Sacrifices": After discussing there plans, Emerald let's everyone have the day off. But while resting near a lake, Ash and Misty have a horrible argument that leaves them angry and hurt. Then, Poison, the leader of the Scale troops for Mewthree, attacks them. Misty is saved by Ash, who ends up....dead?

Summary of "The Friends": After Poison attacks, it leaves Ash in bad shape. Misty is upset by this and Pikachu is missing. After bring back some herbs, the friends have a talk. Emerald and the gang. They still have there doubts about Ash and his friends. Will there doubts led them to not help Ash?

Summary of "Poison's Attack": Good news for everyone! Ash is okay and Icy found out a way to beat Mewthree with no questions! They must find the Poke'mon Queen to beat Mewthree. But right now, they must train for Poison's move. He dose attack, but breaks the rules. Now there fighting for there life...

Summary of "Love is Always Hard": Ash and Misty like each other. A lot. But they won't admit it. Then, Tigress get's in the way of the two's love. Is it the end of there relationship? Maybe. One things for sure, there both going to be sorry they ever had doubt about each other....

Summary of "Pixie's Appearance": Ash, Misty, Brock, Gato, and Pikachu are on there way to find the Poke'mon Queen. Along the way, however, they meet a little girl who wants her mommy, the Poke'mon Queen. Then, something new comes there way. And its nothing good.

Summary of "The Amazing Poke'mon Comeback": Saraya's plan to get Ash's and friends Poke'mon back is a real hitter. It starts to work, but then goes wrong. Soon, its up to the Poke'mon to save the day.

Summary of "The New Attack": Ash and friends head for a peaceful night. Try anyway. Saraya tells them of what happened when she woke up and realized she was here. After that, Dragoon attacks. A new troop member from Pixie. What else could go wrong? Soon, you'll be sorry you asked.

Summary of "How It All Began": This is the story of Mewthree's birth and why and how the Poke'mon Queen sent her friends and daughter away.

Summary of "Tiger's Match": Pixie's at it once again. Her new troops are a pack of wolf type Poke'mon lead by a female Wolflithe named Lupe. She is a very strong Wolflithe and challenges Tiger. Tiger had never lost to another Wolflithe but Lupe is much stronger than him. Will he lose his first match agasined a Wolflithe?

Summary of "Mewthree's Final Battle": This is it for Ash and his friends. They must finish off Pixie, find the Poke'mon Queen and friends and destroy Mewthree one and for all. But Mewthree isn't going to make it easy for them.

Summary of "Flash Back": Ash and his friends make it to Fire Rock City. Ash is going to challenge the gym leader named Blaze. However, something weird is going on. Ash keeps having these weird flashes of stuff he doesn't remember. Does it have something to do with three girls that show up and look strangely familiar?

Summary of "Another Challenge": Ash and his friends make it to Ray's castle and Ash learns what Tigress did to save him. They also learn that Tigress is evil. Her name is now Tigra and she is looking for the Pure Heart Crystal. Ash refuse's until Catze shows up...

Summary of "Quest for Misty's Crystal": It up to Ash and friends to save Misty and get her Heart Crystal back from Catze. They must go to Tigra's castle to find her. Can they get Misty's crystal back without Catze seeing them?

Summary of "The New Friend of Hope": Ash and his friends continue on there way to Dark Forest. There they meet a Moon Kitty named Luna. She tells them something they never excepted...

Summary of "One Step Closer": Ash has one more badge to go before he can join the Fire League. However this could be his toughest battle yet, and something is creepy about the gym leader......

Summary of "The Strange Encounter": Ash is after another badge after Lexy defeated him. He then heads head first into the strangest battle ever....

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