The Pokemon Siblings
The Pokemon Siblings

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Pokemon Hoenn Journey (OT)

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Summary for Pokemon Hoenn Journey: Matthias and Ashley are two siblings from Littleroot Town in the contient of Hoenn. They set of for the Hoenn Challenge league (a tag team league championship). They need to collect a badge from each of the eight gyms(One per team). Through their journey, they meet new friends as well as new enemies. Team Aqua, team nature, team magma and team lightning and the unlikeliest of allies, Team Rocket (still trying to catch Ash's pikachu). They have to face pokemon challenges as well as personal and emotional challenges. The Hoenn league is four months away at the start of their journey which isn't a lot of time. So they must get on their journey and fast to catch up with hometown rivals Josemi and Josephine, the most successful team in the town of Littleroot.

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