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Maya's Mis-adventures (v1.01) (Gen.)

Love... and the Alternative (v1.00) (RN)

Love... and the Alternative (v2.11) (RN)

Maya's Chronicles 1 - Let All the Wonders Come to Me! (Gen.)

Maya's Chronicles 2 - The Gardevoir of Maiden's Peak (v1.00) (Gen.)

EX: Holon Phantoms (O)

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Summary for Maya's Mis-adventures (v1.01): Rated - PG (Parental Guidance suggested) - An autobiography of a Pokemon who has been captured by a group of scientists to experiment on. It escaped their scientific lair only to discover it's types have been altered, and it acquired its long desired freedom only to brave those more jagged paths ahead...

Summary for Love... and the Alternative (v1.00): Rated - PG (Parental Guidance suggested) - After a depressed and lovesick male Gardevoir finally earned the love from the female of his dream, he found out that his dream had unpredictably become a nightmare... However, he realized that all dreams are but another reality...

Summary for Love... and the Alternative (v2.11) - Passion for Darkness: Rated - R (Restricted) - This is a sequel to the first part (v1.xx) of this story. After Arcueyd ran away from Maya because of his self-imposed fear for her Dark-type characteristics, he discovered an ancient tomb with a Registeel by pure chance. He became rich and famous, and he now owns a peaceful seaside cottage. However, he does not enjoy his lonely life, because he finally realized how much he still loved Maya...(Note: I rated this as an "R" because it contains some love scenes, between a couple of Gardevoir, but nothing really explicit. Maybe an "M" rating, which stands for "Mature" in NZ, would be more suitable.)

Summary for Maya's Chronicles 1 - Let All the Wonders Come to Me!: Rated - - This is a short story told in the perspective of the main character from my other stories, Maya. It is about her reviews on those youthful dreams she once had...

Summary for Maya's Chronicles 2 - The Gardevoir of Maiden's Peak (v1.00): Rated - G (Good for All Ages) - OK, I sort of rushed this, but I will fix any errors/typos later when I have time. Here is the summary: You all know how the original episode "Ghost of Maiden's Peak" goes, but my version is completely different, so don't call me a copycat. This story is based on an entirely different time as in the episode - the Gastly had already evolved into a Gengar and he was still tricking people with his disguise. However, this time, his disguise was shattered by Maya, she had also defeated him and driven him away from the shrine, so that the real Ghost of the Maiden could be at peace...

Summary for EX: Holon Phantoms: Rated - PG (Parental Guidance suggested) - Deep within the unknown lands beyond those laboratories of Holon, where shadows fall and phantoms dwell. You may think that there is no such thing as phantoms. that is, until you fall in love with one.

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