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The Friend I Fell In Love With (OT)

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Summary for The Friend I Fell In Love With: Rated - G (Good For All Ages) - Steph Fire is a girl that was born into a family of exceedingly talented trainers. The story begins as she moves to LittleRoot town from America with her mother so that they could be closer to Zack, Steph's father. She becomes a trainer and starts her journey, which begins as a hundred other journeys usually do, but strange and dark things start happening not only to the world, but also to her when she begins traveling with Hoenn’s Pokemon Champion Steven Stone. Her life gradually gets harder and darker as the days pass and she finds herself wound into something that she may never escape from with her sanity or life. This tale follows her through her struggles and pains as she tries to fulfill a dream that after something tragic happens, she realizes that it is worth nothing at all.

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