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With The Wind At My Back (AAMRN)

Parts:   Prologue  -   1  -

The Ties That Bind (OT)

Metamorphosis (Gen.)

Parts:   1  -   2  -

Dividing the Bones (Gen.)

Loyalty (Gen.)

Finding Courage (Gen.)

Parts:   Prologue  -

Summary for With The Wind At My Back: 'The world will change from how it used to be . . .' That's what an ancient prophecy said. The final judgment is coming closer, ever since a fourteen year old boy named Ash set the three Legendary Beasts free, unknowing of what consequences it would bring. Now, two years later, Ash is still travelling the around the pokemon world with Misty and Brock. Not knowing the role he is destined to play. His feelings toward Misty are slowly growing, and as her birthday approuches, he plans to do something of special magnificence. But, as the day comes, something happens that changes the lives of Ash and his friends forever.

Summary for The Ties That Bind: Rated - PG (Parental Guidance Suggested) - They say that Time will eventually heal all wounds, but people tend to forget the deep, everlasting scars it leaves.

Summary for Metamorphosis: Rated - PG (Parental Guidance suggested) - Change. It is the inevitable constant that governs each passing moment. Children Grow Up. Friendships Fade. Dreams Die. Or so we think...

Summary for Dividing The Bones: Rated - PG (Parental Guidance Suggested) - A one-shot based off of Cubone's pokÚdex entry. The truth is more painful than you think, but what is better, I wonder: the truth or the lie?

Summary for Loyalty: Rated - PG (Parental Guidance Suggested) - The war is on! The bugles are blazing, the bells are ringing, and the drums are sounding! Ready, steady, go! [Pokemon POV]

Summary for Finding Courage: Rated - PG-13 (Parents Strongly Cautioned) - True courage can't be found on the battlefield...

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