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Through The Fire (O)

Heart of the Sea (O)

Make A Simple Wish (O)

Just A Little Comfort (O)

If Music Be the Food of Love, Play On (RN)

The Night of the Storm (O)

October Sunset (O)

Moonlight Shadows (O)

Forlorn (O)

A Chance Meeting of Fate (O)

Velvet Revelations (RN)

One Winter's Night (O)

Forever Innocence (O)

Summary for Through The Fire: When the flames are all around you, all you can do is cling to simple hope...

Summary for Heart of the Sea: A Pokemon researcher walks on the beach, reminscing over life and his family back home, all leading up to a significant encounter with the Beast of the Sea.

Summary for Make A Simple Wish: What if the one person that understood you, the only person that truly loved you, was taken away from you in one second? As six-year-old Molly Hale reflects a year later, she waits for one person who has yet to return home... You might consider this a prequel to Through the Fire, but that all depends on the reader's viewpoint. It's not my best story, but it's worth reading just the same.

Summary for Just A Little Comfort: A pensive Delia Ketchum remembers times gone by while young Molly Hale sits on her lap. This story contains light Haleshipping (Spencer/Delia), one of my personal favourite realtionships in the Pokemon anime.

Summary for If Music Be the Food of Love, Play On: When two strangers open up to one another, unexpected situations occur...

Summary for The Night of the Storm: One stormy night in Ecruteak City, Morty goes to visit a sleeping friend while pondering on hidden feelings, legendary Pokemon, and the art of seizing the moment.

Summary for October Sunset: A captured Rapidash reflects on his capture and the adversaries he never dreamed of facing...

Summary for Moonlight Shadows: The sequel to Heart of the Sea, this tells of how his family copes at the news that the one they love is dead...

Summary for Forlorn: On the balcony of a lighthouse, one young man stands alone contemplating love and life... This was written as a Christmas present for my very good friend Jax, and I hope everyone enjoys it as much as she did.

Summary for A Chance Meeting of Fate: Domino reflects on the day she lost her innocence while battling the affections of the two men closest to her. This was written for Blackjack Gabbiani, who was the first to ask for a Christmas present.

Summary for Velvet Revelations: While fleeing from Butler, Diane reflects on the childhood they shared and the progression of their relationship as they grew older.

Summary of One Winter's Night: Consider this my belated Christmas special to everyone! ^_^ Amid the glow of New Bark Town's Christmas lights, one small family waits for someone to come home on Christmas Eve...

Summary for Forever Innocence: We have finally reached the end of the Heart of the Sea trilogy. Nothing could spoil this perfect summer, absolutely nothing...until one night changed everything.

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