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The Incorporeal (O)

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Summary for Rangchhoot: Rated - G (Good For All Ages) - 'Rangchhoot' is a Bengali word which means in English, 'The Running of Paints'. But here, it has a different meaning: 'Separation between someone.' Although this novel is based on other romance, Ash Ketchum is the central protagonist, and plays an extremely important role here. In this novel a boy, named Eve, is extremely heartbroken because due to an unfortunate mistake of his, he had to lose his childhood girlfriend, named Eva, from his life. He is so heartbroken that he always feels that he is floating on an ocean of infinite darkness. No one, even Old Calvin, his best friend, could bring him out from the clutches of his extreme sadness. Then one day Ash Ketchum arrives at his life. He powerfully deals with Eve's sadness and by performing many important events, he succeeds Eve and Eva in reuniting with each other again. This way Ash brings out Eve from the clutches of his extreme sadness. Soon afterwards Eve and Eva get married to each other. But how does the 'Rangchhoot' take place? At the end, Ash takes leave from the couple and Old Calvin, to go to a faraway place.

Summary for The Incorporeal: Rated - -

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