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Pika-friend: Book I (Gen.)

Ash and Tenchi Muyo (CO)

Ash tells a scary story about Room 13 (Gen.)

Team Rocket Split Up? (TR)

The Tournament (OT)

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The Pokemon Adventures of Darren Westcott (OT)

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Summary for The Tournament: A young trainer named Flash Lightning, or Flash "The Master", takes a stand against a money hungry king named Durage. He says he took all of the water for “safety purposes”, but, of course, it’s for the money. Durage then proposes a tournament to the innocent town of Bedlba. He has his seven best trainers out to defeat anyone who accepts the tournament. Everyone fails. So Flash steps up to fight for Bedlba, his hometown!

Summary for The Pokemon Adventures of Darren Westcott: It is five years before the great adventures of Ash Ketchum and Pikachu. But now the world of Pokemon is accepting a new trainer. Darren Westcott. He's 11 and he wants to be the greatest master ever! But he'll have to face new friends, new enimies, and Pokemon no one has ever seen before. Can he do it?

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