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Romance of the Crimson R (JAJRN)

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Flames of War, Book I of the Ten Kingdoms (O)

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Summary for Romance of the Crimson R: Rated - PG-13 (Parents Strongly Cautioned) - Jessie and James have ben working for Team Rocket for many years but have not goten the respect that they deserve. Because of this there once strong relationship has began to falter. Now they have been offered a lifetime oportunity to go on an important mission and gain redem themselvs in the eyes of the boss. Little Jessie and James know that this opputuinty for money, power and a redemed relationship will split them even further and open a pandora's box of despair, murder, and chaos. (PG-13 for strong language and vived, descritve violance.) IMPORTANT NOTES ABOUT THIS FIC PLEASE READ: Please Note: Fans of the Twerps( Ash, Misty, ect....) Might want to stay away from the later parts of this fic as I will be using your beloved characters in a negitive way. I just want to make shure that no one is offned by my fic. Also Note: This story takes place in an Alernit Reality versonof the Pokemon World which most of my fics will be taking place in. So becase of this many characters will have different pasts and will act a litle differenlty then they would in the Anime. I am trying to reinvent the characters not ad to them o although they might seem different I at lest have a crutch to fall apon if you critzies my usage of characters from the Anime. And Finaly Note: This story will be continued weekly.

Summary for Flames of War, Book I of the Ten Kingdoms: Rated - PG-13 (Parents Strongly Cautioned) - Aradvia is a world at war. For 100,000 yaers there has been chaos, despair, and death. The rumbel of tanks and gunshots have become sounds that are all to familer to the people of this lans. With pokemon being sent out into the warzone and the ten kingdoms that are involved in the conflict constaly scwabling over land and reasorces it seams that there will be no end to the fighting. But there is hope. For the Ethereals work in starnge ways and salvation just might come from a source of damnation. ( PG-13 for strong language, intense, vived violence and slight sexual content( not lemons!!!^_^) )

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