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Between Two Worlds (Gen.)

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Kikara (Gen.)

Forgotten Melodies (Gen.)

Parts:   1  -

Summary for "Between Two Worlds": Ki, a teenager with special powers, accidentally discovers Team Rocket's top secret project, Mewtwo. Finding out she is psychically linked to him, is it then that she discovers that she is chosen to stop Mewtwo before his attempted destruction of the world. When the link between them is destroyed as being necessary to do it, Ki is then taken the job as being the assistant trainer to Mewtwo. But what no one could imagine is the two of them fall hopelessly in love with each other. Now the question that remains is, will she stop him before the Pokemon World ends as we know it? Rated PG.-13 due to light swearing and very defined sexual descriptions.

Summary for Forgotten Melodies: This is the long awaited sequel to "Between Two Worlds." Ki, and Mewtwo are settled happily in their new life, and taking care of their beautiful babies, who are growing bigger every day. But even with as contented as Ki has become in her new family, a dark shadow still looms inside her. She still wonders of her origin, and her parents, and why they so cruelly and carelessly abandoned her. When the most important person that can answer her questions, her father, suddenly appears, how will she react? And what other dangers for her, and her family could be revealed? This part contains some very vivid, and very descriptive sex. Those of you that were disappointed with these scenes from my first story are in for a real treat. I must issue a very strong PG-13 rating on this. If you are mature enough to handle it, then please do proceed onward. You will most certainly be impressed, if not blown away entirely.

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