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Jolteon's Cosmic Berries (O)

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Sparker and Storm's Quest for the Lightning Stone (CO)

The Darkness Within (Gen.)

Parts:   1  -

Summary for Jolteon's Cosmic Berries : A Jolteon is waiting for these special berries to drop from a tree, and when they do, he asks his friend Pikachu what they are. Pichu blabs on forever about the berries but Jolteon doesn't stick arround long enough for Pikachu to say "Don't eat the brown berries!"

Summary for Sparker and Storm's Quest for the Lightning Stone: My Neopet and Pokemon, Sparker and Storm, are encountered by my evil friend Spoink one day. She demands that they get her an item, or she'll blow the Team Madness secret base up! A tale of Insanity and true friendship.

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