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Spirit Theives (O)

Parts:   1  -   2  -

Mizzy-chan's Happy Horrible Mutant Machine (O)

Parts:   1  - Intermission 1  -   2  - Intermission 2  -

Mega on Pokenip (O)

Ultra Super Doomy Doom Fight Team! (OT)

Contraband Wars: Storming the Castle (O)

Left Behind (O)

Pokemon Mega Knight (Gen.)

Parts:   1  -

Summary for Spirit Theives: Kurimme, a master theif, meets a boy named Zenso. Little does she know that he's really Zensoku, a spirit Ninetales on the run. Can she help him hide from the Kings and Queens of the Pokemon world?

SUMAMRY for Mizzy-chan's Happy Horrible Mutant Machine: What happens when Ash is chosen to be a guinea pig by a mad scientist determined to go insane, and take everyone else with her? A lot of weird stuff that cannot be explained by sane beings. And there's Wobbuffet! Wobbuffet rocks! Whoo! Read it now!

Summary for Ultra Super Doomy Doom Fight Team!: The ! is necessary! ...Ahem. Three Pokemon teams race through an obstacle course filled with ninja. Whoo-hoo! But I get distracted...a lot...I'm not even sure why I wrote this. I say whoo a lot.

Summary for Mega on Pokenip: Kurimme Fyraga is forced to interview a tipsy girl about her upcoming fanfic, Pokemon Mega Knight. It gets kind of stupid.

Summary for Left Behind: A short story about 11-year-old James when he runs away from home, and the 3-year-old cousin he leaves behind. A sort of prologue to Pokemon Mega Knight (which I haven't gotten around to writing).

Summary for Pokemon Mega Knight: Megami Sasaki-Kojiro is torn between destroying Team Rocket and avenging her best friend, and helping her cousin James. Meanwhile, she is troubled by a past that even she doesn't know about...

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