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The Apprentice (OT)

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Tyra's Tirades (O)

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Summary for The Apprentice: Callum thought he had it all. His mum was the most prestiged pokemon professor in all of Raeg, and he had everything he ever wanted. Until the last day of school. Suddenly finding his future bleak, Professor Willow comes in with a solution, and as we know, mummy always knows best. Pfft, yeah right. And if she thinks her city boy son can move to a country gym and become an apprentice, whilst avoiding a crazed, foul-mouthed girl who happens to sleep in the room next to him, and countless other dilemmas, well maybe she isn't the smartest proffesor on the goddam continent!

Summary for Tyra's Tirades: Isn't it funny how things get discovered by accident? The mages who created the pokeball were tinkering with magical uses of pokemon and mundane objects, and accidentally enchanted a ball. The fertile plains of Gare were only discovered when a merchant heading for Eclestia castle accidentally read his map upside down. And I only started the biggest adventure of my life because I accidentally found something. But first you'd better learn a little more about me. My name is Tyra, and and I am the eldest princess of Eclestia.

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