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Hoenn: My New Home, A New Adventure (OT)

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Stop Hurting, Start Healing (O)

Summary for Hoenn: My New Home, A New Adventure: May Levitt has just moved to Littleroot Town, and she isn't to happy. All is bad until she meets Brendan Birch. Brendan is nice, funny, and cute. Her friend and ally, Brendan joins forces with May to collect badges, get Wally's hands off May, and to keep Amy from taking Brendan away from me. Includes Spirit Fusing!

Summary for Stop Hurting, Start Healing: May Levitt is in a way low. Brendan has cheated on her. Wally has a girlfriend. The pain is building. May knows there is only one way to take away her pain. Can anyone save May from her fate?

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