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"Misty Hare", A Merrie Melodies Fan Fic (CO)

"Civil Bores", A Looney Tunes Fan Fic (CO)

"Roman Legion-Ian", A Looney Tunes Fan Fic (CO)

"Break A Leghorn", A Merrie Melodies Fan Fic (CO)

"Taco Road", A Merrie Melodies Fan Fic (CO)

"Speedy Delivery", A Looney Tunes Fan Fic (CO)

"The Pied Piper Panic", A Merrie Melodies Fan Fic (CO)

"Beanstalk Bummers", A Merrie Melodies Fan Fic (CO)

"Of Loaf and Death", A Merrie Melodies Fan Fic (CO)

"Barbequed Bugs", A Merrie Melodies Fan Fic (CO)

Summary for "Misty Hare", A Merrie Melodies Fan Fic: Rated - G (Good For All Ages) - Bugs Bunny, once again, took a wrong turn at Albuquerque and ended up at Cerulean City in the world of Pokemon. So he goes the Cerulean Gym and asks for directions to nearest Airport. When he comes across the Cerulean Sisters, Lily, Daisy and Violet, they tell him that the airport is a long ways away, but they asked him if he could spend the night with them. Bugs agrees to stay and decides to unpack. They told him that he can sleep in their little sister's room. When Bugs unpacks, the girls see that his luggage was nothin' but carrots. The Cerulean Sisters got worried, they knew that Misty, their little sister, hates carrots. Meanwhile, Misty was on her way home after meeting up with Ash back in Pallet Town, she and Ash are going out on a date later in the evening and she had to look nice for him. But when Misty gets home, she learns that a rabbit will be spending the night with her, she gets so mad that she tries to kick Bugs out. But her sisters stands up to her for Bugs and warns her that if she ever harms a hair on Bugs' hare-y head, she'll get kicked out and banned from the Cerulean Gym... forever! Misty didn't like the idea of getting booted out from the gym and her own home, but she hated the idea of having a rabbit sleeping in her room. But when her sisters go out and tells her to keep an eye on the gym and Bugs, Misty decides to get rid of him and make it look like it was an accident! Can Bugs survive Misty's diabolical plans? Will Misty succeed or she'll tell Ash that she'll be movin' in with him when she gets booted out?

Summary for "Civil Bores", A Looney Tunes Fan Fic: Rated - G (Good For All Ages) - In the year 1864, the Civil War took place. The war had been going on for four years, but this year, the war might end. On the the Confederates' side, they had an important message that could end the Civil War, once and for all! But they had to get that message all the way down South, to General Robert E. Lee's Headquarters. But there was a problem: Most of the messenger birds and carrier pigeons have either been shot down or flown away in different directions. The soldiers realize that a messenger boy named Ian is their last hope. So they turned to him for their mission. His mission: To deliver a very important document to General Lee's place all the way down South, without getting into the battlefields. But little do they know that on the Union side, the Union Soldiers learn of the Confederates' attempt to send a boy down south with a message that could force them to surrender. Since they learn that their messenger destroyer cat is gone and that the Confederates' messenger is a boy, they counter him with 2 new messenger destroyers, who turns out to be none other than Ash and Misty. Can Ian deliver the message to General Lee in time or will Ash & Misty stop him in his tracks?

Summary for "Roman Legion-Ian", A Looney Tunes Fan Fic: Rated - G (Good For All Ages) - In a place called Rome in the year 55 A.D., Ash and Misty, captains of a Roman legion army, is ordered by Emperor Landman to find a victim to toss to the lions. Or else, they'll be the victims. They meets up with a boy named Ian and once they saw him, they decided that... *gulps* he'd make a good victim. Can Ian avoid being cat food for ravenous, wild, gigantic puddy tats?

Summary for "Break A Leghorn", A Merrie Melodies Fan Fic: Rated - G (Good For All Ages) - It's Thanksgiving and Ash's mother decides to have something different for dinner besides turkey, like chicken. But when she sends Ash & Misty out to get some groceries, all the grocery stores are closed due to being Thanksgiving Day. So Ash and Misty decides go find a real live chicken for themselves. Meanwhile, Foghorn Leghorn travels to the deep south to enjoy the sun, but instead ends up in the world of Pokemon, over Pallet Town. So Foghorn decides to spend his vacation in Pallet Town, knowing that there's nothing can bother him. But as she sun bathes, Ash & Misty arrives back in Pallet Town, trying to find a live chicken to take home and who, AH SAY, who do you think they come across, sleepin' in the sun? This is, AH SAY, this is one Thanksgivin' story you have got to, AH SAY, got to read! It's more funnier than a bunch of turkeys drowin' their mouths out with water in the rain.

Summary for "Taco Road", A Merrie Melodies Fan Fic: Rated - G (Good For All Ages) - Speedy Gonzales, the fastest mouse in all of Meh-He-Co, must save his friends, Pablo and Fernando, from Ash and Misty after they've discovered 2 of all of the missing mice that supposed to be sent to Professor Oak's Lab for tests and experiments. But the trouble is, they're so inebriated, that they would much rather pick a fight with Ash and Misty than get captured or rescued. Can Speedy save them from getting into Ash & Misty's clutches?

Summary for "Speedy Delivery", A Looney Tunes Fan Fic: Rated - G (Good For All Ages) - People knew the secret about Ash & Misty’s Love for each other. How? They see Ash & Misty’s Dark Secrets on TV. And it was all thanks to Ian’s teams. Which basically are teams consisting of cats and mice working together. Ian gives them a tape to deliver to a TV Station to broadcast it all over the world. So far only 6 of the continents have been broadcasting the tapes. But there seems to be delays going on down in Mexico. The reason: a number of mice and cats gone missing. As it turns out, it was Ash & Misty who's been stopping the video deliveries down in Mexico, they warned them that if they don't stop their broadcasts and destroy all of their footage, they'll keep on stopping all of the deliveries until everyone in the whole world until they get what they want. The only hope of getting the video to a TV Station, is recruiting the fastest hope in all of Mexico, Speedy Gonzales. Can Speedy deliver the video tape to the TV Station while avoiding Ash & Misty's tricks and traps?

Summary for "The Pied Piper Panic", A Merrie Melodies Fan Fic: Rated - G (Good For All Ages) - When the people of Whitestone can't seem to catch all of the Mexican Mice even with their Pokemon or their cats, they rely on two P.M.I.T (Pokemon Master In Training), Ash Ketchum, and Cerulean City Gym Leader/Water Pokemon Trainer, Misty Waterflower, to catch all the mice. But when they learn that the mice are too tricky for them to catch, they decide to pull a pied piper on them. Ash and Misty dress up as the Pied Pipers and practice some flute lessons in order to catch the mice. But on their first failed attempt, they learned that the only way to hypnotize the Mexican Mice, to play their kind of music, like playing the tune to "Mexican Hat Dance". So they tried to hypnotize them again but with the tune of "Mexican Hat Dance", and it works. But even if they nearly caught all of the mice, they still have to catch one more... and that mouse that they have to catch... is the fastest mouse in all of Meh-he-co named Speedy Gonzales, who tries to save his captured compadres! Can Speedy save all of the mice? Can Ash & Misty catch him before he even rescues all of the mice in Whitestone?

Summary for "Beanstalk Bummers", A Merrie Melodies Fan Fic: Rated - G (Good For All Ages) - There once was a beautiful kingdom called Joyful Gorge that was once ruled by a beautiful hedgehog princess named Amy Rose, she also had a boyfriend who happens to be a hedgehog prince from another kingdom named Sonic. Together, they both ruled the kingdoms together. But one night, when Prince Sonic was heading home, a scream of terror filled the air as Princess Amy Rose was being kidnapped by a huge, enormous creature! Prince Sonic tried to do something, but when the moment he did, another enormous creature kidnapped him as well! With the support of Prince Sonic and Princess Amy, both of their kingdoms are plagued by a severe drought, causing all over the water, plants, grass to shrivel and dry up. Everyone was mourning the loss of their rulers. Meanwhile, in another cottage a group of orphaned Pokemon Trainers are living in poverty. They had no food, no water and no money. All they had was their Pokemon. So when some of the trainers decide to sell some of their Pokemon, they decided to sell Ash and Misty's Pokemon in order to make a lot of money. But when Ash and Misty meet a duo of strangers with a Meowth, they offers them a bag full of magic beans in exchange for their Pokemon. But when they traded, Ash and Misty were banned from their home when they discovered that the magic beans were fake. But that's how they were until they were thrown near an outhouse, causing the beans to grow into a giant beanstalk heading up to the clouds! Then Misty formulates a plan: Since she and Ash remembers the story of "Jack & The Beanstalk", they could take the opportunities to climb up the beanstalk, take the gold, the goose that lays the golden eggs and the magic harp from the giant's castle, and when they return, they'll take over the kingdom for themselves! Along the way, they'll meet a boy named Ian who joins them in their quest to find the giant's castle. However, when Ian learns of Ash & Misty's true intentions of going to the giant's realm, he would rather find out what happened to Prince Sonic and Princess Amy. Will Ash & Misty's greed get the best of them? Can Ian find out what really happened to Prince Sonic and Princess Amy? And what dangers will lay ahead of them?

Summary for "Of Loaf and Death", A Merrie Melodies Fan Fic: Rated - G (Good For All Ages) - Amy Rose gets a job as a baker's assistant at Baker Porky's Bakery. As it turns out, she's an expert at baking. Because she makes her baked goods with lots of love of her boyfriend, Sonic the Hedgehog, the fastest hedgehog in the world. But when Misty Parker (Misty Waterflower as a gangster), a notorious gangster girl and girlfriend to Ash Barrow (Ash Ketchum as a gangster), and her gang kidnap her for a plot to bail her boyfriend and his gang out of jail in time for their 10 month anniversary, Sonic tries to rescue her. But ends up getting held captive alongside Amy in the process. Now they must find a way to escape Misty's clutches before they end up helping her get her boyfriend out of jail. How will Sonic and Amy get out of this situation?

Summary for "Barbequed Bugs", A Merrie Melodies Fan Fic: Rated - G (Good For All Ages) - In 1600's England, Ash and Misty are royal chefs for a king who's nothing but a spoiled-rotten monarch. When he orders them to make "Hassenpfeffer", Ash and Misty are confused on what he meant by "Hassenpfeffer". But when Ash and Misty come across Bugs Bunny, they learn that "Hassenpfeffer" is "Rabbit Stew" in German and that the #1 ingredient for Rabbit Stew is none other than "One Medium Sized Rabbit". And since, Bugs Bunny is considered to be a rabbit, how will he get out of this one?

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