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Giovanni Genovese (Gen.)

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Summary for Giovanni Genovese: Rated - PG-13 (Parents Strongly Cautioned) - Hello there. I'm Leon Placid, Elite Agent 0004. Very pleased to make your acquaintance, if I haven't already. This is a story about my experience hunting down one dangerously insane criminal genius by the name of Giovanni Genovese, who you probably recognize as the same heavy-handed, arrogant, "I'm gonna rule the world!" fool who leads Team Rocket. Well, that's who I'm talking about, though I've long ago stopped using the word "fool" to describe a man who I've somehow come to both respect and hate with every fiber of my being. It's odd, I know, but when you've fought someone this hard for this long and both of you have lost so many people near and dear in between, it sort of comes down to that. I respect Genovese because the man's a genius in every sense of the word. He's still that boy with a dream, a vision born of unspeakable abuse, suffering and incredible pain, who'd do anything, even sell his soul, to make right what he saw as being wrong with the world. And what he sees as wrong with this world... well, most of it I see as being right. The man is so consumed with his fear of being weak, that he's done everything that was ever done to him and more. He's become a monster. And that's why I hate Genovese: because he could have made this world a better place, but instead, he's turning it into a muck hole. So, it's war, my good reader; down-and-dirty strife of the highest stakes and messiest of constitution. You're in for blood, gore, suspense, mind-blowing pyrotechnics, acts of great courage, deeps of unspeakable darkness, and a fleet-footed, half-coherent plot line that'll leave you wondering what day it is. You'll also get some ugly language and even a bit of mild sex. So, join me and my fellow Agents of The Elite and our, uh, interesting assortment of allies as we battle the forces of evil together, from one spot on the globe to the next. We fight for justice, world peace, and another slice of Ash Ketchum's mom's to-die-for chocolate cake. And yes; of course Ash is in this story; and yes, he brings his regular crew with him; and yes, that means lots of laughs, tears, and horrifically epic pokemon battles. Yes, indeed. You're in for one hell of a time. If you can get past the prologue and first chapter, that is. Enjoy the ride.

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