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The Ultimate Rival (OT)

Corrupt Authority (O)

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Summary for The Ultimate Rival: Rated - PG (Parental Guidance Suggested) - A book special, third in the Neo series! Kenta meets up with a legendary fire-type Poke'Mon trainer named Leonn Ambitionate, one whom dislikes water and hates Lugia. But how can Kenta be friends with someone who despises a Poke'Mon that once saved his life? To make matters worse, Kenta's redheaded rival from the Poke'Mon Gold & Silver games, Hakujou, is determined to capture Lugia and use it for the purposes of evil! Join the gang as they fight for good Poke'Mon worldwide! Can Kenta, Dratini, and the power of friends win against Hakujou? And will Leonn ever be reunited with his captured parents? Rating: "PG" Though this book is slightly more violent than the previous two, it contains no blood or death. The plot is also more sophisticated, but not too much more.

Summary for Corrupt Authority: Rated - PG-13 (Parents Strongly Cautioned) - Hypothetical situation: Let's say you were about to become a pokemon trainer, after completing your last year of middle school. Suddenly, the government steps in and creates a bunch of restrictive laws, crushing all pokemon trainers under the weight of their authority. What would you do, if you knew there was a sinister motive behind their oppression? Join Kenta Daitan, the protagonist of Pokemon Gold/Silver, and his younger brother Valtor, as they wage war against impossible odds. Who will be right in the end? This magical realism is sutable for teenage audiences, but older readers would probably find it more enjoyable.

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