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You Broke My Heart (AAMRN)

Songs From The Heart (OT)

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Through Angel Eyes (AAMRN)

What Makes Me Misty Most of All (AAMRN)

Win or Lose (AAMRN)

Summary for You Broke My Heart: What happens when Ash can't work out his feelings? Will he lose the one he loves forever?

Summary for Songs From The Heart: It's been a year since Misty had to leave Ash to go back to the Cerulean Gym. She's been waiting for his return ever since, but when he comes back sooner than she thinks, will he return the feelings she has had for him since they met?

Summary for Through Angel Eyes: [Sequel to "You Broke My Heart"] Misty longs to clear Ash of his guilty conscience. When she's given the chance, how will the fateful meeting turn out?

Summary for What Makes Me Misty Most of All: Rated - G (Good for All Ages) - (Takes place after the Pokemon episode "Gotta Catch Ya Later") Misty reflects on the good times she had with Ash and Brock as she realises that she's deserting Ash for the first time.

Summary for Win or Lose: Rated - G (Good for All Ages) - "You know that you have helped him to achieve his lifelong dream, and all you had to do was give up yours."

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