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Forgivable (Gen.)

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Skillful Be The Bird Of Night (Gen.)

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Summary for Forgivable: A girl with no memory and a metal arm. A boy with a secret past. A girl who is searching for her lost brother. And a boy with a passion for the dark. When lost in the continent of Zarstal, things can get pretty mixed up. Things get even wierder when Ash and co. come along to challenge the gym leaders and win the Zarstal Championship! Legendary pokemon from places unknown to the inhabitants of Zarstal begin to appear. It all starts in the desert city of Markoehn, which lies between the sea and the Sapphire Desert. This is where they meet, the mysterious four, Ash and co., a group of pokemon in search of help for their shiny friend, and team rockets trio of mistakes. But team rocket won't be the only ones on their hides! Team Psych is ready for anything that comes into their territory...

Summary for Skillful Be The Bird Of Night: Skillful be the bird of night, who wishes to have what he cannot. Day and Night, he wishes to have the circlets of Light and Dark. What yet does this bird of night not know that a young persian overheard the words he spoke to his lord, and thought of a plan to use the bird of night as a pawn in his shameful games.

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