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It's Not That Easy (OT)

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Summary for It's Not That Easy: Rated - PG (Parental Guidance suggested) - Don't you just hate Ash and his friends? They get their first Pokemon, walk for a few minutes and are at the next town. Magically, all their stuff just fits in their bag and they can run around with it for days on end. You never see them get money, but yet they always always ALWAYS eat their fill. I mean, think about it. They could catch a Jirachi in a common Pokeball and think nothing of it. They always win. They never get beestings. Or homesickness. Or when they go swimming, their hair is always perfect afterwards. Or...well, you get it. Don't you just wish it were that easy? Well, it's not. Live with it. And Cathy and her friends are here to prove it.

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