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The Village Guardian (O)

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Project Omega (O)

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The Final Strike (O)

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Summary for The Village Guardian: Rated - G (Good for All Ages) - The first part of my series. Barely a year after completing his own Poke'mon journey, Dr. Mack Foxx, a scientist and inventor from another world, retires back to his hidden laboratory. After a freak earthquake rocks the local mountain range, Mack sets off to find the cause, unaware of what lays ahead of him: a criminal organization and a hidden village, filled with secrets.

Summary for Project Omega: Rated - PG (Parental Guidance suggested) - The sequel to The Village Guardian. It would be best to read The Village Guardian first before reading this one. After defeating Cipher and clearing them out of the Gardev Mountains, Dr. Mack Foxx and Aura, a young Gardevoir (Also the Guardian of Gardev) decide to go and clear Cipher out of the region, but where should they begin? Perhaps the nearest city, Alakaz, might yeild some clues. However, the demented scientist, Dr. Alvin Namwen, still has the suit of powerful battle armor that had been stolen from Mack as well as the plans for many of his kinder brother's inventions. Dr. Namwen gets ready to use Mack's own high technology against him as he prepares to complete his greatest triumph: Project Omega. Meanwhile, Cecil is still seathing with rage after all he lost back near the village of Gardev as well as his gigantic base in Mt. Terror and seems to be ready to give anything to eliminate Mack and Aura. Before Mack and Aura left Gardev, Glacian, Aura's great-great grandfather said that Aura would find her mate during her travels with Mack. As she eagerly awaits meeting her mate, Mack is still anxious about possible side effects that resulted from the crude fusion and seperation of him and Aura.

Summary for The Final Strike: Rated - PG (Parental Guidance Suggested) - Mack and Aura are busy enjoying their honeymoon after a lavish wedding. Despite the massive losses in the Gardev region, the battle to annihilate Cipher rages on. The evil scientist, Dr. Namwen, has not given up on his quest to complete Project Omega. All he needed was a suitable test subject and Cecil was more than willing to volunteer. Cecil, still blinded by rage, wants nothing short of having vengeance on the Guardians of Gardev and to claim the legendary Gardevoir city for Cipher. Project Omega will allow Cecil to gain the powers of the Guardians, but he does not realize that he is about to fall into the demented scientist's trap. Meanwhile, Cipher is starting to come apart at the seams in the Orre region and no one knows just what Dr. Namwen will do out of desperation to save Cipher, if not claim the world for himself.

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