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Behind The Scenes (Gen.)

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Christmas Follies (Gen.)

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Summary for Behind the Scenes: Braxton is a bartender (well, sorta) in the Mirage Inn, located in scenic Fusia City. Fusia City is also the home of a tournament that Ash entered. All you can do now is watch... Conflict! Pokemon Battles! Bagels! Cheesy Drama! And a Guy named Braxton!

Summary for Christmas Follies: Fri De Flume has a funny first name, but his attitude isn't! He would rather go to a gym battle then spend the holidays with a nice guy! This nice guy is Ash Ketchum! Ash is going to have to lie, perform dangerous stunts, and cheat to get Fri's holiday spirit back into gear! This hilarious yet heart warming story is one you won't want to miss!

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