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Ash and Misty's Wish (AAMRN)

Crossing the Line (AAMRN)

True Love Hidden (AAMRN)

Hiding What Means The Most (AAMRN)

The Secret of Ash (AAMRN)

Summary for "Ash And Misty's Wish": Ash has finally gotten all 8 badges. Ash and Co. are on their way to Pallet Town to celebrate. Ash and Misty of course are falling in love but a bicycle accident causes Ash to confess his feelings about Misty. What will the rest of their life be like now that the secret is out among them?

Summary for "Crossing The Line": Ash and Misty discuss his battling skills. He hopes she can give him pointers on why he lost a gym battle, but she crosses the line and begins to put Ash down severely. Will Ash ever forgive her for what she said? Or will he live a new life with Gary as his best friend?

Summary for "True Love Hidden": Ash gets fed up with Charizard's disobiedance to the point of going overboard. Will this bring Ash and Misty together? Or make them part? Meanwhile Team Rocket has a few secrets of their own to cope with...

Summary for "Hiding What Means The Most": When Ash begins to drop clues about how he feels for Misty, she looks at them in a different perspective. Will there be a happily ever after for our heroes?

Summary for The Secret of Ash: Misty is constantly giving Ash crap, and for the most part hes been trying to put up with them. Misty then says something that really hurts Ash, and for no reason (or so we think) he disappears from the group and appears the next day. What has Ash been doing, and what in his past is he hiding from Misty?

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