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Disturbing (Gen.)

Drabble (Gen.)

December (Gen.)

Meaning (Gen.)

Reality (Gen.)

Relent (Gen.)

Replace (Gen.)

Realize (Gen.)

Remorse (Gen.)

Recourse (Gen.)

Remember (Gen.)

Ring-Ring-Ring (Gen.)

Rain (Gen.)

Dad (Gen.)

Deal (Gen.)

Death (Gen.)

Dream (Gen.)

Destiny (Gen.)

Doom Desire (Gen.)

Duplicate (Gen.)

Reason (Gen.)

Ascension (Gen.)

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Affection (Gen.)

The Show Must Go On (Gen.)

What Is Love? (Gen.)

Never (Gen.)

Summary for Ascension: The truth about where Pokémon come from, how they came to be, what the Chosen One's true purpose really is, the final evolution that will change the world and, most importantly, an end to everything. Chapter One up.

Summary for The Show Must Go On: The actor for "May" reflects on the character she portrays on the popular "Pokémon" cartoon show, as well as dealing with the backlash of replacing a well loved character ("Misty").

Summary for Affection: Ash and "May" have a talk about affection. Dark themes, and written in an unusual style; reviews welcomed.

Summary for Doom Desire: May makes a wish on the spur of the moment, and unfortunately for her, it comes true...

Summary for Deal: Misty turns to a reluctant Gary to help her, only to have it backfire on the both of them...

Summary for Dream: After losing Ash to Misty, May thinks about dreams, as well as having a revelation about the concept of life and love...

Summary for Dad: Ash battles his father, while Brock watches from the sidelines...

Summary for Destiny: Being the Chosen One can sure be a lonely life to live...

Summary for Duplicate: Duplica travels with Ash in a most disturbing way...

Summary for Death: May thinks about Ash's death while on Mt. Pyre...Follow up to: Disturbing.

Summary for Disturbing: After Ash finds Misty and Brock in a disturbing situation, he rans off into the night, and contemplates whether or not life is worth living at all...

Summary for Drabble: Ash and Gary have a chat about growing up and the little things in life.

Summary for December: Misty's feeling a bit lonely as the Cerulean City Gym Leader, especially with her birthday coming up soon. She thinks about the dark, family, and whether or not Ash remembered her birthday...

Summary for Meaning: Ash and May talk about a red-haired girl, the moon, and a handkerchief. Sort of fluffy.

Summary for Reality: Ash tries to distinguish what's real and what's not as he watches scenes that could've been, all while wondering what's happening to him...

Summary for Relent: Ash finds out that Norman, the gym leader of Petalburg City and May's father, is his father as well. Darkfic.

Summary for Realize: When Ash finds out that Brock and Misty are leaving him, how will he go on without them? Slight Ash/May.

Summary for Replace: Ash thinks about Misty while relaxing in Lavaridge City's famous hot springs, which are known to solve romantic problems...Ash/Misty, Ash/May.

Summary for Remorse: Misty thinks about her actions from "Rain", as well as having a talk with her father.

Summary for Recourse: Ash realizes he likes the girl he's been traveling with for awhile. An AAMR with a twist. Can you figure it out?

Summary for Remember: How does Misty react when she finds out that Ash and May are a couple?

Summary for RingRingRing: Ash and Misty talk on the vid-phone. Fluffy flavored. Reviews welcomed.

Summary for Rain: Misty reflects on rain and life while on her way to meet up with Ash.

Summary for Reason: Ash and "Misty" talk. Written in an unusual style. Warm up story, reviews welcomed.

Summary for Never: Misty tells Ash that she'll never come back, since Hoenn is the end of the line for the series. Other characters make a short appearance. Very short story; written as a warm up.

Summary for What Is Love?: May asks Ash a question that has no he goes off to get opinions from Brock, Pikachu, Gary, Tracey, Professor Oak, his mom, and...Misty...?

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