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The Rocket-Mart (TR)

Legal Disclaimers (O)

And the Rocket's Red Glare (Gen.)

Parts:   1  -   2a  -   2b  -   3  -   3a  -   3b  -

On the Opposite Side--The Double R Files (TR)

Parts:   1  -   2  -   3  -

Won't You Stay (Gen.)

Out of Indigo onto Mobius (CO)

Parts:   1  -   2  -

The Dead Flame (TR)

Squashed Doughnuts and Exploding Riceballs (OT)

Summary for "The Rocket-Mart: Not provided.

Summary for "Legal Disclaimers": Ash, Misty, and Brock go to Gringy City to do something about the pollution, but get seriously sidetracked. Meanwhile, disclaimers are running around in Celadon City, and Team Rocket forgets their motto! Comedy.

Summary for "And the Rocket's Red Glare": My first one, and the longest. Ash, Misty, and Brock come back from the Jolt Leauge, only to be captured by Jessie and James. Giovanni forces them to join, and things now only get worse, or can they get better? LLLLLOONNNNNNG

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