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Life Goes On (Gen.)

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Amber (OT)

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Summary for Life Goes On: Ash and his friends, high-ranked League members, go to a important meeting at Indigo Plateau. But when they find out there's a bomb in the League building that they can't escape, and that Team Rocket is ready to track them down if they do, how will they survive? And how will the world get on without their best defense against the notorious gang?

Summary for Amber: A young girl from a rich family is kidnapped by Team Rocket and held ransom! But a mysterious vigilante foils their plans and now he's got to help her hide out, and protect his own identity besides! Who is this boy, and why is he so secretive? Will Amberly be able to shield her whereabouts from Team Rocket? And what is she really getting herself into? Read and find out!

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